Every Journey Begins With…

After a lifetime of questioning my sexuality, my gender, my body and my brain, I took a major step on Monday; I called the Center for Sexual Health at the University of Minnesota and asked to be put on their waiting list for transition counseling. They will help me through the entire process of transitioning, starting with counseling for myself and my family (if they so chose), hormone replacement therapy (HRT), specialty medical care, and referrals for surgical interventions.

I posted to Instagram immediately after the call and a flood of support came in via Facebook, email, and DMs. It was all very overwhelming and wonderful. I also received a lot of questions about the process, as well as lots of advice and offers of future advice from people who’ve taken this journey before me.

And because there seem to be so many unknowns, I decided to start a blog to publicly record the process as I experience it. Comments will be turned off here, but please feel free to interact with me about my posts wherever I choose to share this post (currently – Twitter, and Tumblr).

Not only will I be blogging about the external process, but I’ll share the internal processes as well – those that led to this decision as well as how I feel and how my beliefs change going forward. I’ll also be posting content of interest that I find around the web.

I’m excited to be going through this and I’m eager to share it with you. I’m also a little anxious about both of those things, but I find vulnerability and openness are the best ways to address my anxiety.