Bhaloidam Is Entering a New Era!

It begins in Fall 2017 with a newly-revised draft of the v2.0 handbook.

It continues Winter 2018 with a series of collaborative storyworlds.

It ends starting Fall 2018 with the launch of a world-ending project.

A Bit of Bhaloidam's Backstory

Image of Bhaloidam's Game Boards & Tokens

On November 1st in 2001, five hundred and seventy eight amazing people brought Bhaloidam to life.

One long year later, Bhaloidam was released into the wild. This quirky tabletop storytelling platform - inspired in equal measure by Umberto Eco's esays on semiotics, Organic Russion Formalisn, and Commedia Dell'Arte - was met with considerable enthusiasm in some small circles and outright hostility in others. But overall the reaction was puzzlement. What to make of this odd personal project?

Not exactly "rules lite" - and yet far from "crunchy" - Bhaloidam's iconic design challenged systems-loving gamers to play more creatively and creative thinkers to rely more on systems as inspiration.

...and a Glimpse of The Future

I recently reread my first attempt to rewrite the Bhaloidam handbook and I realized my error - it wasn't personal enough.

Bhaloidam has always been an extension of me. Of my collaborative storytelling style, of my creative journey, and my philosophy.

So now, as an out trans woman, I have decided Bhaloidam will transition right along with me.

I'm not sure exactly what that means at this point - beyond becoming more feminist and more queer - but I'm looking forward to the next phase of Bhaloidam's life!

May Your Stories Make the World Better,

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