Talih’s Return

Talih is only back on the ship for a few minutes before she suddenly realizes there was more to the dream than she was remembering…

As she watched Alcad, Abmandu and Staw work together to carve the rune in the stone, it occurs to her that there is power in this ability to weave the power of body, mind, and spirit together the way they seem able to. Before she can pursue that thought further, an urgent hand is placed on her shoulder. Turning, she sees all three of the mysterious beings – grey skinned, yellow skinned, and red skinned. “Juz alderr-nou swe,” communicates one of them (the grey skinned one?) and, regardless of her instincts or how she feels about it, she follows them out of the room.

The four of walk out of a small human village and head towards looming mountains. Around you the scenery flashes by and the sun rises and sets rapidly. You walk through a pass in the mountains and find yourself at a lake in a peaceful glade. You recognize this as the same lake from earlier – in more lush surroundings.

The grey being points at the lake, “Mer,” it communicates. And again, still pointing, “Mer,” and then it pushes back and to the left with both hands as it says, “tormer-ret,” now it taps its head a little behind the temple and repeats, “mer.” Looking at you forcefully it repeats, “Mer tormer-ret mer.” Then, pointing at the lake again, “Mer,” now both hands push forward to the right, “tormer-per,” a clenched talon held over the chest, “mor.” The entire pantomime is repeated along with the words, “Mer tormer-per mor.”

The others gesture earnestly and you all turn to leave the lake and head into a desert. Unlike the previous desert, this one seems natural and contains traces of life. You travel great distances with each step and the days continue to flash by. You cross a fertile river valley into vast rolling plains of grass and make your way to a distant volcanic ridge.

At the base of the ridge you see a massive mushroom made of shimmering energy – 50, maybe 54, feet tall. At its base you come upon the First Three talking, no – arguing with the stag, serpent, and bird beings. you cannot make out what they are saying. Each of the First Three is wearing a shackle attached to a thick silver chain. The chain is attached to a silver collar. The silver collar is around the neck of a giant floating serpentine dragon with red and orange phosphorescent scales and long shimmering feathered ruff.

Staw draws her axe and the humanoid animal beings back down and step aside. The argument now over, the first three step into the base of the energy mushroom, pulling the dragon – who half-heartedly tries to fight its way free – along with them.

Your escorts are acting very nervous now and the grey one spins on you suddenly and thumps your forehead with one thick finger. You find yourself back on the ship, at first only remembering only the initial parts of the experience.